Copper filter mesh is an ideal material for a wide range of industrial filtration. For example, mine, metallurgy, ship, automobile, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, paper making, printing, textile, rubber, food and other industries.

We can use it for filtering and separating many kinds of air, liquid, solid, etc. For example, copper filter cloth is suitable for use in the filtration of gas, petroleum, water, particles, powder, porcelain clay, grain, sugar, salt, animal fodder, fertilizer, tobacco ash in tobacco pipe, etc.

Because it provides continuous uniform mesh openings, a solid structure and high abrasion resistance. Therefore, copper wire mesh screens can effectively filter out the unwanted gases, liquids, granules, and ensure the purity of them. In addition, copper filter cloth has good corrosion resistance. So when we use it to screen corrosive gases and liquids, it can perform well.

At the same time, copper filter cloth can also help us to control the flow. Such as the lubrication oil, fuel oil, granular powder, and so on.