Copper wire mesh is one of the most popular insect screens.

  • It is mainly because the copper insect screen looks beautiful and with an attractive surface.
    • Firstly, it has a natural red metallic luster.
    • Secondly, in many situations, a slow oxidation reaction will occur and form a layer of copper oxide. At the same time, the surface color gradually changes to green, which is called patina. For example, the discoloration will become pronounced in less than six months in climates such as the seashore.
  • In addition, its resistance to corrosion, rust, acid, alkali, salt air and brine is excellent. The oxide film also further enhances the corrosion resistance of copper mesh screens. Which makes it durable in many environmental conditions. Even in coastal areas, copper insect screens can perform well.

These properties make copper metal mesh very popular in the field of many commercial, residential and industrial projects. Designers, artists, architects, and homeowners prefer to choose it for use in houses, villas, hotels, commercial offices, office buildings and corporate buildings. For example,

  • We can use it as copper window screens, copper screen door mesh, screen porches, copper mosquito screens for balcony, cabinet screens. Because copper insect screens show good fly-proof performance, and can prevent mosquitoes, flies, bugs and other insects from entering the house. Meanwhile, it allows cool breezes to flow through open windows.
  • Gutter screens can effectively prevent leaves from into your home via the open gutters.
  • Copper wire mesh is a suitable option for the architectural fire protection applications. For instance, it can be used as fireplace screens. Because the melting point of copper mesh is 1083℃. Moreover, it has good thermal conductivity, and will not catch fire through floors, walls or ceilings.