We are a manufacturer of airbag filters, which are uniformly compressed knitted wire mesh elements.

We can produce these pressed parts into various shapes, sizes by seamlessly die compressing knitted wire mesh.

Density can also be varied according to the degree of filtration efficiency required.

Moreover, airbag inflator filters can protect airbags. Because the moulded and pressed parts can collect solid residue from post-combustion inflation gas flow. Knitted mesh for airbag filters can also withstand thermal shocks caused by the deployment of the airbag, and cool down the gas.

So our compressed wire mesh elements are suitable for a wide variety of airbag types or different parts of the airbag system.


  • Material: These elements of airbag inflator gasket / seals / filter / washer are normally made from stainless steel wire. For example, SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L. Other metal materials are also acceptable.
  • Shape and Size: Available in round, cylindrical, rectangular, etc.
  • Density: Manufactured as required.


  • Variety of shapes
  • Operates perfectly in hostile environments
  • Avoids smoke and dust or fragmented particles from entering the airbag
  • Cool down the hot gas
  • Heat sink / flame arrester
  • Seals and resists heat / thermal shock
  • Absorbs shock wave energy


Knitted mesh airbag filters are suitable for use in the airbag inflator of driver, front-passenger, head, side door, knee, seat upholstery, back seat, rear, etc.

With the addition of compressed wire mesh elements, we can prevent particles from entering or damaging the airbag, and also cool the expanding gas following actuation during inflation. And then we can protect passengers from the secondary impact during a crash.