Stainless steel wire rope mesh is becoming more and more popular used for balustrade and railing in a variety of residential spaces, commercial spaces, public spaces, semi-public spaces and so on. For example, homes, kindergartens, schools, offices, museums, exhibition halls, cafes, scenic lounges, bridge sides, sidewalks, paths, ramps, decks and so on.

No matter the stainless steel knotted rope mesh or ferrule type cable mesh, they are both suitable as various balustrade meshes in indoors and outdoors areas. For instance, staircase wire rope mesh railing, stainless steel balcony protection cable mesh, corridor fence net, stainless steel wire rope mesh net barriers, bridge balustrade nets, stainless steel wire rope mesh fence panels, etc. Because stainless steel sleeveless wire rope mesh provides almost the same excellent physical properties with stainless steel sleeved wire rope mesh in spite of they are different in the combination of two adjacent ropes. Moreover, both of them can meet the construction requirements.